General Information:

The main countries for the Serena Anchancho classes and workshops are Holland, Sweden and their home country Peru. Now for the first time they come to anchor a centre in the deep and green forests and old misty mountains of Järvsö/ Sweden.

The special with this training is that it is a 3-year program where we will gather once a year in Järvsö/ Sweden in a 7 days class joining the paqos in healing and ceremony.
In between the trainings you will have the opportunity to Skype directly with the paqos that are following you in your development on the path to become a Pampamesayoq. They will coach and guide you directly from their home county two times a year. Also in connection to these two coaching’s you will be able to receive personal healings on a distance to help you grow in balance finding your true self in connection to your soul.
Also during your time between the classes of practicing healings and cleansings for yourself and others you will have individual coaching’s from the co creators, your personal coaches. They are helping the paqos through the classes and will also be your personal coaches to answer your questions through your processes at home. 

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Sweden / Järvsö

Victor Forselius

The Netherlands / Kerkdriel

Inge Teunissen