Inca Q´ero Paqo

Inca Q´ero

From being a myth, these great humans walked down the holy mountains of Peru approximately 25 years ago. Now they are sharing a 10.000 year old and healing tradition with the people in the West, to help us once again experience spiritual health.

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Victor Forselius Paqo Shaman Q´ero

Victor Forselius

I have trained myself within the Inca Shamanic tradition for over 7 years and now work in direct contact with the Inca Q'ero Shamans. After a deep life transformation, I'm now walking the path of this spiritual tradition and  it's wisdom through strength and humility.

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Inka Q´ero Paqos Shaman Victor Forselius Andliga Resor

Sacred Journeys

You no longer have to be the result of your past, you can now become the result of the future. Meet me and the Inca Shamans through spiritual journeys or courses to receive a more than 25,000 year old wisdom to shift your life through deep personal development.

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