Personal Contact

My goal is to help a lot of people and to prepare the ground for coming and promising shamans work of being in service. I want to be in service for all of our society which makes me travel all the time through Sweden to share the Inca shamanic energy medicine healing, ceremony and wisdom. You are always welcome to book in a personal meeting; a personal healing session, initiation, reading, lecture, or ceremony to step into new possibilities of the life you want to live. Maybe you have a question to me or my sisters below about Inca shamanic energy medicine, healing or courses.

As I'm constantly traveling you can not reach me through personal contact but always through the organizers that is closest to you.

Reneé Eriksson is my head organizer and is responsible for the website and personal contact. She will do her best to answer your questions or forward you to the nearest organizer.

A healing session or Reading takes two hours and costs 1200 kr.
An initiation takes 3 hours and costs 2400 kr.

Your are more than welcome to contact us, we will answer shortly.
Warm Greetings,
Victor Forselius and Reneé Eriksson

Contact information:
Victor Forselius
Stockholm/All of sweden

Organizor and assistanst:
Reneé Eriksson
Tel: (0046) 0702 38 83 61

The pictures on this website may not be copied or used for other purposes as they are personal pictures.

The photographer for most of these pictures is Anna Thors from Sundsvall. I also want to thank her for these amazing and beautiful pictures where she has captured moments in presence  of soul and ceremony.

Photo: Anna Thors