Hatun Karpay: The biggest Initiation!

Hatun: Big
Karpay: Means initiation or transmission of energy from Paqo to student/client.

The Inca shamanic tradition and the shamans of the Q'eros are recognized as the masters of the living energy. To affect and direct the living energy around us and within our bodies through soul and intent.They are a people of a deep healing knowledge and also initiations and rites through ceremony.

There is a great difference between rites and initiations. Rites are linked to special places and energies. Initiations is a deep commitment to yourself, your inner home and how you live and walks within and in contact the Cosmos. Initiations is a holy commitment where the energy goes deep and works within you and transforms your life for over 6 months.

Hatun Karpay and the three big initiations is the base of the tradition to become whole, to walk the path or to open the ability to heal others from a place of wholeness.

The initiations are about reuniting the contact with the soul and the source of our life. To come home and to find one's home within and outside of ourself in relation to the Cosmos. The initiations opens our three big power centers and lifts our soul to find the gifts that we are carrying inside of us in awareness. This opens a new way of loving from a deeper place, to see with a clear vision and to dream your dream and so be able to manifest these aspects through holy conduct. When one awakens these three power centers it brings us in deeper contact in getting to know ourself and our feelings.

Hatun Karpay is said to be the biggest commitment we have towards ourselves, the Universe and to the tradition, to receive these traditional rites by our mentors as an initiation to walk as stewards of all life on earth. As a paqo we also learn to give and transmit the energy further on as it has been given in heritage in the same way through an unbroken lineage of medicine men and women for thousands of years.

As in all healings and when we step into ceremony we work in sacred space. Before I start I always ask for permission from your soul so that you will be able to receive this initiation and with the permission of the Universe I commence this initiation.

Munay Karpay:

Munay: Means love in relation with the deepest vibrations of our hearts.
Karpay: Means initiation or transmission of energy from paqo to student/client.

Munay Karpay is the first of the three big initiations from the Inca shamanic tradition, where I use my medicine stones from my traditional altar, to transmit the energy of the Universe to the student or the client.

This initiation is in contact with the energy of the sun, the mountains, mother earth, love and deep vibrations of our hearts. A place of holy forces, inner strength and in contact with our inner temple of feelings. Here I focus on opening the nine temples that we carry with us. According to the Q'ero shamanic tradition, every human being is carrying seeds in their hearts, Seeds that is in contact with our inner gifts of power, love and wisdom. Here I'm taking back the essential pieces of the self that the client has lost in moments of trauma and integrate these with the soul. We are all born with a seed of love within us and when the power of munay comes to you this seed is reawakened by love. Through receiving this initiation, I'm picking down light through my medicine stones to that all seeds of life can start to grow and bloom.

During the initiation I'm using the life-force of the breath to bring in holy wind that activates and transmits the powerful energies.

This initiation is to speak to and return the contact with the ancestors and also helps you to come in contact with past lives.

As I walk and is initiated through the Inca shamanic tradition, I'm walking side by side with the medicine women and men that has walked this path before me. A lineage of shamans/paqos that has stepped outside of time and now you also gets a deep relation to through the initiation.

To receive this initiation is to receive holy force and warmth through the power of the Andes.

Yachay Karpay:

Yachay: Means to see with clarity and to be in contact with ones dreams.
Karpay: Means initiation or transmission of energy from paqo to student/client.

Yachay Karpay is the second of the three big initiations from the Inca Shamanic Tradition where Im using my medicinestones from my traditional altar to transmute the energy of the universe to the student or the client. During this initiation I'm working with four new forces and not with for example the mountains or mother earth.

We are working with four great spirits from four birds that are important power animals in this tradition. These spirits are guides and teachers within us but also outside of us.

This initiation is related to wisdom and opens/activates the power of the clients third-eye. A deep contact with vision and clarity is then created with energy, through transmitting the energy of the cosmos through the third-eye. This clears the fog that is veiling ones inner truth and clarity about the path that you are walking through life. During this initiation I use 4 stones from my altar linked to the 4 great power animals of vision:

The Condor: Is a neutral and universal bird of vision in contact with the light of the universe and the upper world. During the initiation I'm bringing in the Condors holy vision and grounding energies as it soars high but always stable.

The Eagle: Holds a sharper vision than the condor but  is not flying as high. Here Im bringing in holy sun in your third eye to activate and strengthen your seeing abilities. To become a good seer by activating two glands in your brain through the light of this holy sun.

The Owl: Works during nighttime, a bird that gives you support in the darkness and works with healing and seeing ones shadows  within your body. Shadows are the parts that you haven't seen within yourself, healed or yet processed. It helps us to see our fears and what happens beyond the dark. It also brings more stability and takes us on a deep journey. The owl is flying during the hours of the nights and is the visionary of the night.

The Falcon: Flies through the daylight and also represents stability and the grounding energy. This energy helps you to walk on mother earth with beauty and through stability. Shamans/paqos always strive to walk firmly on the ground, with trust and stability. The Inca Shamanic energy medicine is a way of great and deep trust.

Llankay Karpay:

Llankay: stands for our center and sacred behavior through how we walk on earth.
Karpay: means initiation or transmission of energy from paqo to student/client.

Llankay Karpay is the third of the three great initiations from the inca shamanic tradition where I use my medicines stones from my traditional altar to transmute the energy of the universe to the student or the client.

Here I work with the power of the 4 elements; fire, wind, water and earth. I will create roots in contact with the trees and the energy of the nature to build a new process of growing within you. Here we are strengthening and rebuilding the seven bubbles of rainbow colored light that keeps you in your energy field. When this wall of protection is strengthened it contributes to once again making you believe in yourself and your acting.

This initiation is in deep contact with sacred actions and your spiritual and physical center. It is going to affect your journey of how you create, manifest and move forward in life. If you are lost, this energy brings you back to the clarity of the path that is meant to take you towards your destiny.

In this initiation I'm working with an important part of your energy fields anatomy in the navel area; the Golden disc. This disc of gold is in direct contact with your identification and memories that is affecting every cell in the body and your DNA spiral. This initiation activates this golden disc and re-writes the information that affects how your find guidance in life. Here we are bringing back the contact between your soul and your inner identification, memories before you were born, the memories about why you chose this life this time. This karpay is the last initiation in deep contact with helping the soul to find it's way and to express it's inner truth.

It helps you to walk the path of our ancestors without blockages and to walk the path through the Q'ero tradition.