A tradition that was never forgotten

The spirituality I'm practicing derived from a people high up in the snow-capped mountains of the Andes. These seven villages, with over 600 families is called Q'eros and were discovered for just about 60 years ago. The first expedition was led by Oscar Nunez Del Prado and his goal was to find a people that according to myth and stories was said to have fled up the mountains when the spanish conquistadors invaded Peru and the Inca empire fell. After walking over mountain passes and the glacier cold plains, they arrived to the villages of the Q'ero and were met by the men. The women and children were hiding, thinking that the spaniards found them. Oscar asked the men:

- Where are your families?
- Our father is the sun and our mother is the earth, the Q'eros replied.

During his stay with this people, Oscar could see that they really were alike the Incas and were still practicing the traditional ceremonies and spiritual teachings of the Inca empire. It turned out that this group of people was what Oscar believed; one of the many groups that fled when the Inca empire fell. When the conquistadors took over the kingdom, the missionaries also came along and tried to convert the natives' nature and energy medicine to a Christian faith. The Incas realized this and knew that their spiritual tradition, prophecies, views of life and the wisdom of the Universe were not to be forgotten or lost. They had already watched over it for thousands of years and so they commenced the exodus into the mountains.

One had been looking for the Q'ero villages earlier, but stories tells of powerful shamans that were keeping them away by using their own energy to block their roads and using forces of nature to flush away the spaniards that were chasing them.

Since the Q'eros has been completely isolated, even their wisdom is very pure and unaffected by other cultures and religion. They are still holding a pure and ancient wisdom that has been passed from father to son in generations.

Missionaries brought the Christian faith and the Inca and it's traditions became a myth, a myth about a people that disappeared when the spanish troops took over the kingdom.

Some 25 years ago, banners were seen in the horizon and the first Q'ero shamans walked down the mountains with their rainbow-colored clothes. A people that had been a myth for over 500 years were now responding to the Incan ancient prophecies which told; "the time when there's a tear in the heavens, which makes the sun shine brighter, when the glaciers are melting and when the Condor is dying out; we will walk down and share our spiritual tradition and wisdom with the world. The people of the West's time to wake up from a deep slumber is now come." A new time was born and that is the time were living in today. A new time when the western human becomes the next keeper of the Earth.

"The Natives don't call themselves shamans, but paqos; which means priest, healer or medicine man. A shaman, for them, is someone who uses herbal medicine and natural drugs to go into trance and travel through the spirit world. Q'ero paqos respect and honor all traditions, including the shamans in the Amazon but do not use drugs.  They don't need them to work with energies or travel through the worlds that are by our sides. They learn how to exercise their spiritual abilities in other ways."