A world of living energy

Paqos view the world completely different. They live in a world of living energy. In shamanic traditions we se that everything in the universe is a live; rivers, mountains, trees and that all humans have a deep contact with the spirit of life. Imagine that there exists an enormous ocean of light and energy. If you fill a glass with this light you will se the same light but in a different form. If you now take a new glass and do the same thing you once again have the same light but in a new form. If you then take a jug that is shaped in a complete different way you'll still see that it contains the exact same light and energy but in a different new form.

This is how we see every living thing on earth. Every human is a unique water glass of this infinite ocean of light that expresses itself differently. The table in front of you, the flame of light, and the textiles around you is refined  and created by the human but is material of the earth. We have created and given them a form but they are still objects that are carrying the same light as the one within you. Everything we see around us are crystallized particles that has taken form. In the West we inherit a tradition where we live in an anonymous and material world without soul. The Q'ero natives inherit instead a tradition where we live in a world of living energy and of soul. There is nothing that does not carry a soul, everything is spirit and the spirit is in all of creation; in the rivers, the mountains, in the flowers and the animals. They are raised and see the world of energy as real as it is for us in the west to not perceive this invincible world by our side.They believe that we are all creatures that have a human experience. That we are all drops of light from the same infinite ocean.

We live in a universe that has been formed around us and is answering us all of the time. For the shaman it means to develop a relation of Ayni between oneself and all living things in the world and the universe.

Ayni is a Quechua word from the time of Inca which means; Sacred reciprocity.

The shaman is life a gardener that walks on an earth where everything is holy, where no place is holier than another. The shamans mission is to take care of the holy and to bring it in all of life and to live from that place. To create a holy reciprocity with everything that exists in the network of living energy.

Ayni means; To develop a dialog through action that makes the universe mirror back our souls condition, love, will, intent and act. That the universe is mirroring back what we are in our true essence. In this place of Ayni and holy reciprocity the shaman creates balance where he walks and takes care of all creatures that has a soul. We give life-force to the mountains so that they can hold us and our fellows in power, safety and protection. We give life-force to the earth so that she can hold us in fertility. It is about loving from the deepest place of balance and harmony in our soul. To always help others through the deepest vibrations of the heart and without agenda. We give life-force to our medicine bundle so that the living principals of the universe can hold us in life-force.

Ayni is to let our brain, heart and soul melt together. To walk in our center and to keep holy reciprocity within and outside of ourselves.

Since everything and everyone is a unique drop of the same ocean and light, we are also the same energy. Every human being that walks pass you is the spirit that has taken a unique form and where a soul lives within the energy field of that person. The shaman walks to not judge, as we know that if we judge someone of something; we are judging the creation, ourselves and that persons unique journey on earth. To us there is nothing that is more meaningful or important than anything else, no difference in people, skin color or sexual orientation etc. We are all unique, beautiful and one with the creation. Thats why one can say that we people are all brothers and sisters. One and the same person. One loves his family, so why not understand how all of us is one big family and love and feel that place of deep and honest communion.

Kausay Pacha is a world or a universe of living energy that everyone is taking part of.

It is this energy that I also would like to call God.. The Creator of everything that everyone is one with. Within the Incan tradition we know that everything is one and the same energy which makes us all God, every human being on earth is the immensely big that makes every individual unique. We no longer need to seek outside to the god that we worship, the great power outside of us that created it all. We only have to find god within ourselves, find our true self and get to know it. Then we can bee in deep contact with our true essence and love each other for who we are. To find the peace and the joy, the love to ourselves that contributes to the whole network of living energy stays the same.