Inca Shamanic Energymedicine and Healing

During my journey with the Inca Q'ero shamans, they have been sharing their ancient wisdom about our energy field and it's anatomy. We know that the body has organs and is a complex and fascinating mechanism but when I'm now studying the energy field I can see how this anatomy is at least as profound and complex as our physical body.  We are using different treatments to heal our clients depending on whether the problem is mental, physical or spiritual. In the Inca shamanic energy medicine we can see that the spiritual health is what will have a great importance for your physical health, as what you are carrying energy wise is affecting and manifesting how you live, think and leads your life.

In the Inca shamanic energy medicine, we see that the spiritual health will have a big influence on your physical health because what you carry with you energetically will affect the way you live through life. This will affect how you unconsciously think and manifest your life. Healing enables us to break the old patterns which we can be bound to in our daily lives.

Our energy field holds the significance for our health

Around our physical body there is an energy field that is holding the information of our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Just like a computers hardware/software that is controlling how the computer thinks and acts. In healing we are picking off the dense energies that has been created by emotional, genetic or karmic experiences in this or past lives. These experiences and heavy energies leave imprints in our energy field. Heavy energies can be stored through the passage of time and disrupt the flow of energy that is meant to flow freely through our energy field, chakras and physical body.

Since energies are not often perceived with our physical eyes, we can also not know that we are affected by them. The only way for our energy field to make us aware of what we are carrying with us energy wise is to show it through emotional and physical adversities in our lives. Through clearing and converting these heavy energies the energy field can heal, which affects the immune system and our cellular structure that makes the body rebuild itself and it's contact with the soul. This will affect how we live, age and one day will die. We are then no longer living like a result from the past, but then instead become a result of who you want to be and will be in the future. The more sessions you're undergoing the deeper healing you can achieve. The more you clear your energy body the bigger the changes become in your life.

Often one is carrying dense energies as we have lived many lives, where experiences may have left their marks and then affects and limits us in this one. When you are going deeper in healing your soul expands and opens which makes you see, become aware of and manifests your life from a whole new place. Instead of living up heavy memories that manifests another life than what you deep down inside may want to live, you can now find a deeper security, strength and amazing gifts within yourself that you previously could never see or feel.

Imagine getting the opportunity to know that you can let go of the old and instead meet life from a new place where you create everyday through happiness and balance. The clearer the energy field is the bigger shifts one experience in life.

If you book a healing I recommend that you come three times; once a month during three months. This because during the first time we clear your energy field and 'prepare the soil'. The second time we plant a new seed of new possibilities in your life and the last time we get this seed and the opportunities to bloom in life. After these three times you can always continue the healing to get in contact with deeper aspects of yourself and even come when you feel that it's needed.

You don't have to believe in healing for it to work since everybody has an energy field regardless if we know it or not. The importance lies in whether you as a client want to heal what is affecting you negatively as I cannot help a smoker quit smoking unless he wants it.

By your will to find physical, mental or spiritual health I will guide you through a new gate of opportunities in life, then you will with new tools and the willingness walk through the door to a new life.