To read in stones

As a shaman I see that the universe is speaking to us all the time. That every human being has a deep relation to the spirit of life that flows through everything living. That makes us speak to the universe through an enormous network of spirits and guides that speaks to us through the creation. Not only through our sixth sense but also our five physical senses that we have during this human experience. Through a reading I can read your souls journey and condition together with what you can do to change the obstacles you may have met during your life that drain you of energy.

Through reading, I use 13 sacred stones from the holy mountain Ausangate in Peru or I can also use leaves, traditional coca leaves. I use these to answer questions that can occur in our daily lives. A reading with me is divided in three steps.

First you tell me what question you want to be answered. Then i commence the reading by listening and reading the answer to  your question through any of my khuyas/medecine stones.

Then I will use the leaves or the 13 stones that I throw onto my fabrics. You are coming with a question that is not a 'yes' or 'no' question. Come with something deeper, for example, why do I feel like I do in my relationship, how am I going to do with what is happening in my life right now, why don't I feel a meaning in life etc.

In the first throw of the stones I will thell you how your life looks like today and what is happening right now. The second throw symbolizes what the problem is and what it is that is causing that which hiders you. Here Im helping you via healing to shift this energy pattern and offer you to be able to shift the whole perspective on the question and the pattern of your life. Then I will throw the stones one last time to see how it looks in the future now that you have changed the energy and the heavy energies that was causing the imbalance in your life.

Afterwards we weave a new understanding and map of possibilities that you can carry with you when you go home. Here I will also give you some form of practice to anchor this new shift in your life.