The time when we meet ourselves again

We live in a time of great shifts and transformations in nature, the cosmos and within ourselves and our lives.

It is a new time that is about coming home!

We are going through phases of feelings and thoughts that can be seen as "up and down phases" that is a part of and manifests in life and all of this is happening for the good. Deeper thoughts and a greater presence is woken in our lives in how we want to live our lives and we are starting to cleanse old patterns that has been affecting us during too long. This time is called Taripaypacha which means; The time where we meet ourselves again. It is about understanding how we are one with everything so that we get in contact with the cosmos, our contact with the creation within us.

The 21st of december 2012 a door was open of new possibilities and a new vibration and frequency is here.

Still this transformation on earth is not new to us as it started around 1993 which now affects how we live our lives. These prophecies is not about fear for the natives. It is about us now finding the soul within ourselves again and come home. When you heal yourself and the perspective you have of what you think is the truth of life it has a massive effect on the earth.

They're talking about we coming back in contact with our own source, our essence.

The natives believe that their origin and forefathers come from the Pleiades, which now is also closer to the earth than what it has been for the past 500 years. The frequency is raising and we are unlocking deeper planes within ourselves which is affecting our energy field but also our physical bodies.

Now the Q'ero shamans are sharing their wisdom with us as we must understand that we can step out of the illusion that we are not all one. Humans are brothers and sisters with each other and the dearest we have in life. So let us share it with each other. We may look different but species as the eagle and the condor is still flying in peace with each other, despite their physical differences.

The descendants of the Incas, Q'eros is also called the children of the sun as the sun for them is the source of all life. We must once again lift our brothers and sisters on earth and guide them back to the light, the life-force that we are all carrying within us, but has during thousands of years of evolution made us forget.

They are sometimes also called the children of the moon, as this tradition stands for: the people who walk through the heart. When the Inca pacos come here to Europe they say: Why do they need us? Look at what they build, with all of these tools they should know how to heal both the heart and the brain.

The Inca shamans is called the masters of living energy and their wisdom is now shared with the world as humans today question themselves, society, life and our relationships. We have stepped far away from our original contact with the soul but a new time is giving new tools to find what we are missing inside of us. While we step in and continue to walk towards the future we have an unbelievable support to find a greater light in our hearts and to se that you can live without perceiving the world from a wounded place.